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Entry Level Writing Program


UC Davis supports undergraduate writers by offering a variety of Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) fulfillment pathways for students. The requirement, common to all University of California campuses, is meant to bolster new Aggie writers so they feel prepared for the writing tasks they will be asked to complete in their academic careers at Davis and beyond. Because the ELWR is designed to help you feel even more prepared for writing tasks ahead, you need to satisfy the requirement as soon as possible once you arrive on campus. 

The Entry Level Writing Program has been developing new ways for Aggies to fulfill the ELWR including new courses taught at UCD (UWP 7, UWP 7m, UWP 1A, ENL 3A, & NAS 5A) and new opportunities to work with writing peer educators trained to support Aggies in ELWR classes particularly.

You can find updates and information on this website as well as inquire with specific questions about which ELWR fulfillment pathway is right for you. 

You can find me--and the entire ELW leadership team--via email (elw@ucdavis.edu) or by visiting our offices in Voorhies Hall. We are here to help!

Write on, Aggies!

Trish Serviss

Director of Entry Level Writing @ UC Davis

Trish Serviss photo