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Entry Level Writing Program

UC Davis supports undergraduate writers by offering a variety of Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) fulfillment pathways for students. The requirement, common to all University of California campuses, is meant to bolster new Aggie writers so they feel prepared for the writing tasks they will be asked to complete in their academic careers at Davis and beyond. Because the ELWR is designed to help you feel even more prepared for writing tasks ahead, you need to satisfy the requirement as soon as possible once you enroll at UCD.

Good news! Incoming first-year UC Davis students are NOT required to take the AWPE (Analytical Writing Placement Exam). UC Davis students have their own unique writing placement tool called Writing Placement 2020 that is free and online. Incoming first-year students who have not yet satisfied ELWR (or are unsure if they have satisfied it already) should take Writing Placement 2020 as soon as possible. Register here