UC Davis Writing Placement Survey

The 2022 Writing Placement Survey has closed.

Welcome to the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey!

All Aggies must fulfill multiple writing requirements during their time here at Davis, but the most important requirement for first-year students is the Entry Level Writing Requirement (which we call ELWR). In fact, all University of California students are required to fulfill ELWR prior to or within their first year

What is the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey and why do I need to complete it? 

UC Davis is committed to supporting students as they develop their writing abilities, and we offer a variety of courses to fit the needs of our diverse student population. This survey will help you determine whether or not you have fulfilled this requirement and learn which writing pathway has the best course options for you. 

Every student’s writing pathway (the set of courses they complete at UC Davis based upon their Writing Placement Survey results) is unique. The UC Davis Writing Placement Survey will help determine which writing pathway is the best choice for you. The UC Davis Writing Placement Survey is not a test, so you won't pass or fail it.

The survey is a placement tool that gives you a chance to provide important information about yourself as a writer so that you can be placed in the writing pathway that best fits your needs. You'll also learn about the different writing pathways and classes that UC Davis offers. At the end of the survey, one of two things will happen:

  1. You will receive a pathway placement with course recommendations, or
  2. Your survey will be sent to a UC Davis faculty reader and you will receive a placement in two weeks.


Who completes the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey? 

All incoming first year UC Davis students should complete the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey as soon as possible to determine where to begin their writing instruction. Transfer students are not eligible to complete the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey.

When should the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey be completed? 

You should complete the WPS at least 3 weeks before you register for classes.

How does the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey work? 

The survey asks you to read documents from actual UC Davis writing courses and answer both multiple-choice and open-ended questions about what you would need to complete similar tasks.   It is important for you to answer the questions as accurately as possible!

Once you begin the survey, you have seven days to complete it. It will take you about 2-3 hours to complete the survey. Your progress will be saved if you choose to take a break (and you are recommended to!) during the process.

You will need a web browser that allows you to read website content and open links. UC Davis Writing Placement Survey can be taken on a mobile device, but is much easier on a computer where you can open multiple links at once. We also recommend you have a place to take notes ready. You will be learning a lot about the writing pathways UC Davis offers. It's a good idea to take notes so that you can provide the most informed responses to the survey.

You will read documents from actual writing courses at UC Davis and answer multiple-choice and open ended survey questions about the support you would need to complete similar tasks. Descriptions of the different writing pathways and their corresponding courses will also be available throughout the survey. 

How much does the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey cost?

It is free for UC Davis students.

How do I access the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey and my results?

If you are a first-year undergraduate student who still needs to complete the Writing Placement Survey please email the writing placement team directly: writingplacement@ucdavis.edu.

After you have completed the survey, you will receive an email that directs you back to the Writing Placement Portal, where you can monitor and access your results. Your results will be loaded into your student record in OASIS within 3 weeks and can be accessed by going to Academic Record > Exams and Events > looking for the code “WP20” and scrolling to the bottom of the page for ELWR status.

The final placements are coded with a PATH#. The chart below will help you to understand the code that appears in Oasis.

A chart with information about the different possible lower-division writing course pathways offered at UC Davis.

The Banner code on the left will be displayed in Oasis. The PATH# corresponds to a particular course or set of courses. See the alloted time for ELWR satisfaction as a result of that placement on the far right.

Who should I contact if I need accommodations? 

Students who require accommodations should contact the Student Disability Center at UC Davis.

Who should I contact with questions?

Email the Writing Placement team writingplacement@ucdavis.edu for more information.