Students may also fulfill the ELWR by passing the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE). The AWPE is offered to California high school students the May of their senior year. In early April, students are sent a letter directing them to the test center where they must take the exam in May. The May AWPE is coordinated by the UC Office of the President.

The AWPE is typically offered on the UC Davis campus once per quarter. 

Exam Information

Students should arrive 30 minutes early for the fall exam and 15 minutes early for the winter/spring exams to check in. No latecomers will be admitted for any reason. Makeup exams are not offered. The AWPE may only be taken once.

Students will be asked to read a passage and then reply to a prompt. The exam is two hours.

Required Materials

Students must bring the following materials to the exam:

  • Photo ID 
  • Pen or #2 pencil
  • Proof of payment or fee waiver 

Proof of payment or fee waiver can be obtained through the UC Office of the President website


Students can prepare for the exam by reviewing the below sample materials to better understand what to expect during the exam. 

AWPE sample essay

AWPE sample prompt


Students who require special exam accommodations must contact the Student Disability Center (SDC) (530-752-3184). After the SDC evaluates the accommodation need, the student should contact Kayla Timmons Chao ( to set up the exam time. Students who need accommodations will take the exam on its regularly scheduled day at a pre-arranged location. To ensure that they receive the appropriate accommodations, students must contact the SDC and set up the exam time with Kayla at least two weeks in advance of the exam date. Any items listed as part of the student’s letter of accommodation (e.g. computer) are the student's responsibility.

Exam Results

Exam administrators try to release scores within 2-3 business days of the exam, if not sooner. Given the time sensitive nature of this information, every effort will be made to release scores as quickly as possible.

A passing score on the Analytical Writing Placement Exam fulfills the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR).